A little bit about me

While Specializing in newborn photography, I am a lifestyle photographer capturing any special moment that I can.

Photography has been passion of mine since I was a teen. When I am not busy photographing babies and lifestyles of my dear clients , you can probably still find me in my studio or dragging my husband out and about while being trigger happy with my darling son Ezra. Any time that I don’t have my hands full with my camera gear,  I enjoy soaking up every moment I can with my family whether it be walking the beach and local trails, cooking feasts and most of all travelling the world when ever we can.

Life passes by in the blink of an eye…I believe photographs should always be taken. In time memories of the small details in life can fade or often be misplaced in our minds. A photograph is the one thing that will freeze every little detail for you to preserve for generations.

Your babies are only so tiny and delicate for such a short while. I love documenting their sweet little wrinkles, tiny hands and feet, and snugly , curled up bodies. Having your babies and children photographed artistically is a perfect way to display and cherish their journey from the moment they enter this world .


A session with Megan Paige Photography is never rushed. I offer low-key, quality time to really capture the special details of your baby and who you and your children are. You do not have to feel anxious about getting your children to smile, because each session is laid back and fun. Your child may need a hug, a snack, or even some silly time to get comfortable in front of the camera.  I enjoy this downtime to get to know your family even more, creating a connection that will impact your photographs. It is not uncommon for me to spend 3- 4 hours in a newborn session. Your newborn may need some cuddles or time to feed. 

Megan Paige Photography current services Langley, Vancouver, BC and the surrounding areas.


Thank you to Evoke Imagery for capturing my profile photo.