Flash That Dress Session – Langley Wedding Photographer

I have been meaning to post this session for quite some time now ( about 5 months ) …Whoops . I guess better late than never though 🙂

My good friends asked me to do a session for them as a “redo wedding”  . I was really excited to do this shoot since I have been meaning to offer this kind of session for sometime … Not to mention this is one hot couple !

This is not the first time couples have asked me to do a staged wedding session  years after they have been married. Not everyone gets the photos they hope for on their wedding day. It could have been terrible weather on their wedding day that limited you for photos or set backs may have happened limiting you for formal picture time.  Maybe you were just not happy with your photos for some reason ( it can happen ) .  Or  maybe you just wanted to change your hairstyle and make up and make it a little more fun !

Cassie and Jeremy’s shoot started off a little frazzled. Since we needed to do a weekday evening shoot, Jeremy was going to come straight from work to meet us at Gary Point Park and just change there. Just as Jeremy was changing in the car , he realized his pants were no where to be found . Yep, she brought everything but the pants lol. We were all a little disappointed in the moment since we all live in Langley but how can you help but laugh. Needless to say our plans for Gary Point Park were no longer an option. We decided to drive back to Langley , grab the pants and do what we could before dark in Langley. We ended up making it to Campbell Valley Park just as the sun was setting and ended up with some great shots. Always a fun adventure with my good friend Cassie 😉

If you would like to recapture some wedding portraits for any reason , please contact me. No,  I will not trash your dress , I will keep it as clean as possible. I am very careful. Or just call me to book your real wedding .





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